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Benefits of Yoga

Why Yoga? Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines which originated in ancient India. It is beneficial for you Mind, Body, and Soul.

The practice of yoga can make your body more flexible, giving your muscles and your joints a greater range of motion. A supple, flexible body is less prone to injuries because it can withstand physical stress. It is widely known that the words yoga and stretching go hand in hand.

Regular yoga practice, with the guidance of an experienced teacher, is a great way to look after your spine and protect yourself from back pain and injury. A key to having a healthy back is a strong core.

Yoga can help correct posture. It can teach you to stand up straight, and not slouch. Maintaining just the right curves is only part of the equation, however; to function efficiently, your skeletal structure also needs to be aligned vertically. If you train your body to maintain the normal spinal curves and keep your posture vertical and spacious when you’re standing or sitting upright, you’re likely to feel better all over.

It improves bone density, reducing our risk of osteoporosis. We naturally lose lean muscle mass as part of the ageing process. Strength training can help to preserve it. Stronger muscles help to stabilize the joints. This can help to prevent injuries – especially important for those with hypermobile joints. Strength training helps to improve your RMR (resting metabolic rate). It has also been shown to have a positive effect on our mental health, including reductions in anxiety, depression, and pain intensity; improved sleep and confidence, self-esteem, and resilience.

Yoga is recognized as one of the most effective activities for achieving a healthy mind and body. … Calming: A practice called yin yoga gently stretches the body’s connective tissues in poses held for several minutes at a time. It is ideal for meditation.

Yoga: Fight stress and find serenity. … Yoga is a mind-body practice that combines physical poses, controlled breathing, and meditation or relaxation. Yoga may help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and lower your heart rate.

Yoga is an excellent way to build strength and tone muscles without having to lift a bunch of weight. It uses your body weight, and many of the poses have different levels to make them more difficult as you progress over time. Yoga also relies on eccentric muscle contractions, forcing it to stretch while it contracts, which develops flexibility and a sleek, elongated aesthetic. Yoga also builds muscular endurance by forcing you to hold a pose for several breaths, which usually adds up to 20 or 30 seconds in the workout. This is what help to tone and grow muscles.

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